The honourable Mr tom and cheese

The fabulous pan toastie: The honourable Mr tom and cheese

I can fill the halls of the royal palace, the walls of china and berlin, with love songs and lyrics for pan toasties born from the royal lineage of Monsieur et Madame Croque.

Copious amounts of oozing fragrant cheese, ribboning with each salivating bite put to bed between crusty charred slices of fresh bread marinated in butter or a full green extra virgin olive oil. Add onions or bacon, tomato or egg, for your flavour of the day. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE!

Today I am perfectly pleased with the honourable Mr tom and cheese.


Beautiful cheese of choice, I went for a smoked 6 month cheddar

Fresh tomato, sliced

Olives, I spread some love with a chilli olive tapenade

Fresh oreganum, for deep frying

2 slices of bread as you please, seedy whole wheat did the trick

salt and pepper to season

Heat up a fresh full bodied olive oil. It’s ok to have it smoking. The better the quality of oil, the higher temperature you can fire up for cooking before you poison yourself.

Scatter the fresh oreganum in the hot oil and fry until see through, remove quickly and drain it on kitchen towl.

Stack all your goodies on one slice (with the exception of oreganum), season to taste and seal the deal with the other slice.

Ease your sarmie into the hot oiled pan and brown the beauty until the cheese is gooey and outside is as crisp as the librarian’s stare.

Slice and top with the crispy herbs and indulge with a rich espresso maybe even a scoop of buttery gelato.